About Us

john2010John Yamin became very wealthy gambling and racing greyhound dogs before he came to the realization that money was not the answer to his quest for peace and joy. After surrendering his life to the Lord and subsequently leading a number of race track personnel to salvation, John, one time in prayer, was taken directly to heaven’s throne room where God himself spoke direction into his life. John is a prophetic teacher and leadership trainer who moves in personal prophecy, healing and other spiritual gifts. He has been instrumental in starting several churches. Because he was involved in the gambling industry, God once allowed him to see the actual “spirit of gambling,” which he describes as hideous.

mom103Priscilla Yamin has taught the Word of God for more than 30 years. She shares her life and experiences candidly, testifying to what Christ has done in her and through her. Her living examples open the Word of God with practical, easy to understand, every day applications. Priscilla is a wife, mother of 6, and grandmother, Mimi, of 5.