God deals with us according to who He is..

Ps 103:10 ​​He has not dealt with us according to our sins,
​​Nor punished us according to our iniquities.

graceIt is such good news that our Father God out of His abundant mercy and grace does not deal with us according to our sin, but rather deals with us according to who He is. He is love, mercy and grace. The Lord never forgets who He is, not even for a moment. Through Jesus, He has dealt with sin forever. He has forgiven all sin and set us apart from sin. He has removed all sin from us. Sin no longer has dominion over us. (Romans 6:14)

Sin shall not have dominion over us, for we are under grace and not under the law. We have been freed from every sin. Let’s focus on the fact that God does not deal with us according to sin. Because of this there is continuous mercy and forgiveness toward us.

Often, believers become entangled in unforgiveness and bitterness. This is poison to the believer. Unforgiveness and bitterness hinders our faith. It is like drinking poison to try to get back at someone for what they did to you.  It’s foolish to believe that your Unforgiveness will hurt someone else but not yourself.

However God has given us grace and made us righteous. Now we can deal with people according to who we are and not according to what they said or what they did to us. We, the body of Christ, are love, mercy and forgiveness at all times. We can walk in forgiveness. We can cancel the debt, we do not have to allow unforgiveness to destroy relationships God has brought us into our lives to bless us.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, thank you, You have made me a new creation in Christ Jesus. Because I am new creation, from this day forth, I deal with every relationship in my life according to who I am and not according to anyone’s mistakes, wrong doings or sin. Amen.

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